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Cloth Pads - Moderate

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Cloth Pads are an easy step to take on your #ecowarrior journey. Swap out disposable, single use pads and tampons, and opt for comfortable and sustainable reusable cloth pads. 

Washing is easy - rinse soiled pads until water runs clear (or don't! It's up to you), store in an open wet bag or bin until wash day, or hang to dry until wash day. If your pads are prone to staining, soak overnight in a bucket of water with oxyclean. Wash and dry with your regular laundry. We recommend cold or warm wash and tumble dry on low, or hang to dry.

Tip: Close the snaps so they don't get caught in the washer or dryer drum (Learned this one the hard way...)

Cactus/Bunny 10"
Topper 95% Cotton 5% Lycra
Core 1 layer Zorb
Backer Fleece

Pink Swirls 8" 
Topper Athletic Wicking Zorb (the topper is the core material!)
Backer Soft Shell Fleece