Custom Non Medical Cloth Masks - Adult, Child, and Toddler sizes available

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Custom Non Medical Cloth Mask
Please select your options for size, style, and ties.

Please note that there are a limited number of custom spots available each week. If the quantity of masks that you would like to order is not available, please send a message via Facebook and I will do my best to accommodate you in a timely manner. 

How to order:

1) Join the private group on Facebook to view available fabrics.

2) Take a screenshot of the fabrics you would like to order and send them in a message to our facebook page.

3) Select the style of mask:
Wire masks are made with 2 layers of 100% cotton, including a pocket for a filter (filters not included) and a nose wire casing (removable wire included). This mask is ideal if you wear glasses as the wire helps to form the mask to your face and reduce fogging. Please do not select this option for Toddler size.
Reversible masks are made with 2 layers of 100% cotton and do not have a filter pocket or nose wire casing. These are best for TODDLERS and if you do not wear glasses.

4) Leave a note at checkout describing the fabrics in the screenshots, and the quantity of each print you would like to order. I do my best to keep the album updated and will contact you if a fabric is unavailable

5) If you would like a surprise print please indicate in the notes if you would like something that is more masculine, feminine, or neutral.

These masks do not prevent the wearer from contracting Covid-19. The purpose of these masks is to stop people from touching their faces, and to act as a measure to protect others from you. Continue to physically distance yourself from others, and wash and/or sanitize your hands often.


- Wash your hands.

- Insert the nose wire with the rounded end first. Push it through until it is sitting in the centre of the mask (Wire on the back of this card)

-Pull the lower portion of the tie so that you can pull it over your head. It should sit on the back of your neck at your hairline. Hold onto the loose ends of the tie and pull gently until the mask is snug and comfortable. Slide the bead down so that it is touching your head, then you can tie a bow just above the bead. Once tied at the desired length you should be able to leave it tied indefinitely. 

- Adjust the ruching on the sides of the mask to achieve the best fit. The best fit is one with no gaps.

- Press the nose wire into shape.


- Wash your hands.

-Try not to touch the front of the mask.

- Pull the tie from the bow up and over your head, allow the mask to hang from the neck strap. Lift the neck strap up and over your head.

- Push the nose wire all the way through the casing, rounded end first, and remove it from the mask. Store it somewhere safe until the mask has been cleaned. 

- Mask can be washed and dried with regular laundry. 

- Wash your hands

Mask sales are final. No refunds, exchanges, or returns. If there is a problem, please send a message via Facebook. 


Thank you for supporting hand made!


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