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Deluxe Wipe Yo' Face Cloths - Surprise Prints

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Hand cut and sewn so slight variance in size is expected. These surprise packs include 5 different prints.

5 pack of 4"x4" squares made with one layer of soft, 100% cotton flannelette and one layer of luxurious 100% polyester minky. 

Use wet for cleanser and dry for toners. Perfect for daily cleansing and makeup removal. Discolouration of cloths may occur. Rinse out after use, wash (no bleach) and dry with regular laundry and use them over and over and over again!

Tip: Wash and dry in a mesh bag!

Did you know? Wipe Yo' Face Cloths are great for babies and toddlers in the tub. They're great for playing and learning during bath time.
hese wipes are also an excellent size to be used as baby wipes for dolls.

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