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Minky Wash Cloths - Plaid/Fox

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Minky Wash Cloths are the bath time cloth you didn't know you needed! Once you try a minky cloth you'll never look back!

The super soft minky is gentle in the tub, which makes these cloths perfect for baby bath time, but don't let the little ones have all the fun! Treat yourself ;)

Hand cut and sewn so slight variance in size is expected.

4 pack of 8"x8" squares made with 1 layer of soft, 100% cotton flannelette and 1 layer of 100% polyester Minky

Minky is a plaid print, the flannelette on the other side is blue with foxes/houses/trees

Rinse out after use, wash (no bleach) and dry with regular laundry and use them over and over and over again!

Tip: Wash and dry in a mesh bag!

These are bulky and require tracked shipping

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