Moody Market Apron - Deep burgundy

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This is a finished product. If you're looking for the sewing pattern please click here
Pattern by The Moody Sewist, sewn by Flutter by a Rainbow.

About the Moody Market Apron:

The Moody Market Apron is designed to be the best, most practical market apron you’ve ever used. It’s got pockets for days to keep your essentials close at hand yet protected from sticky fingers or from falling out. The apron was designed with functionality in mind and is laid out logically for any in-person seller. It features two zipper pockets on the front to keep your bills and change safe and organized, a flap pocket for your phone, and slip pockets for essentials like a Square Reader, a small notebook, and a pen, with optional pockets for either square or standard business cards.

But wait, there’s more!

The Moody Market Apron has a top-secret rear zipper pocket to securely store extra cash out of sight. Like I said, this is the best, most practical market apron you’ve ever used.

The apron 18” wide by 10” tall, with adjustable waistband up to 57". The fabric is a heavy weight upholstery material, lined with quilting cotton in the pockets. 

This apron was sewn using the SQUARE BUSINESS CARD pocket. Standard business cards will not fit horizontally in this pocket, but can be placed in the pocket vertically. 

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