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NOTE: The toddler size does not have a nose wire or filter pocket. It is 2 solid layers of 100% cotton. Toddler fits best from 2-4 years old. Please do not put masks on children under 2!

Hand cut and sewn from a self drafted pattern. These masks include a comfortable around-the-head tie for optimal size adjustments. 

Cloth masks are not medical grade, they do not protect against viruses or Covid-19. Wearing a mask protects others from you. They are intended to catch droplets of saliva from talking, coughing, or sneezing. 

Wash before first use, and after every use. Remove the wire and store it in a safe place, tie the strap together to prevent it getting caught on other items in the wash, or wash inside a delicates bag. Wash and dry with regular laundry.


100% cotton outer and lining
95% Cotton 5% Lycra tie


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