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Youth Sleep Masks

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***Youth Sleep Masks are intended to be used under adult supervision***
They fit approximately ages 5-10.

Practice self care with a good night's sleep. Wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day!

Our sleep masks are hand cut and sewn in Sudbury, Ontario using the vintage sewing machine mentioned in the Our Story section. When you take care of things, and treat them well, they stand the test of time. The same goes for us, so why not take care of yourself and allow yourself to get a good sleep every night? Sleep masks can help! 

Made with 100% cotton front, a 100% cotton light blocking core, and 100$ cotton flannelette backing. 

Wash and dry with regular laundry. 
Tip: Wash in a mesh laundry bag to keep your sleep mask from tangling with other items in the wash. 

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