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Monstera Leaf #5 Zipper Pulls

Regular price $6.95

Introducing our oversized Monstera Leaf Zipper Pulls – the epitome of leafy luxury! These botanical beauties are sure to turn heads with their intricate front details and a sleek, smooth back. Whether you're looking for a statement pull or you're sewing a special tote for a tropical vacation, these zipper pulls will elevate your bag and declare your love for lush greenery. Transform your bags into a slice of paradise and embrace the beauty of nature with these stunning Monstera Leaf zipper pulls. Carry a touch of the luscious outdoors on your shoulder [or hip]. The best part? No watering needed.

#5 Zipper pulls, sold in sets of three.

The pulls have a detailed front and a smooth back. The pulls are large and in charge, measuring 2" including the slider. 

The Moody Sewist.